Alpha Centauri - The Brightest Star in the Centaurus Constellation

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There are countless stars and innumerable number of constellations in the space. Have you ever wondered about the brightest star in the sky ? The brightest star of the Centaurus constellation is the Alpha Centauri. Although the star appears to be a single object to an unaided eye, it is actually a binary star system.

The Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B make up this star system. The Alpha Centauri A 110% of the mass and the Alpha Centauri B has 90.7% of Sun's mass. 
During the pairs 79.91 year orbit about a common center, the distance between them varies from about that between Pluto and the Sun to that between Saturn and the Sun.

The distance between Sun and Alpha Centauri is 4.37 light years. The Third star Proxima Centauri is gravitationally associated with Alpha Centauri AB. proxima is at slightly amaller distance of 4.24 light years from the Sun, making it closest Star to the Sun though not visible to naked eye.


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