Dark Energy

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 1 comments

No one can actually see it. No one knows what it is like or how it works. But, after a five-year study of 200,000 galaxies, scientists are as certain as they found that dark energy exists, and it is tearing our universe apart.
Dark energy is the invisible force that scientists know that it exists, but cannot be seen. They came across this energy only in early 90′s. Astronomers and Astrophysicists observed giant galactic masses, like supernovae, were moving away from us at accelerating speeds, ignoring the laws of gravity. 
At some point in our Universe’s history, gravity stopped being the dominant force. Formation of Galaxy clusters slowed down. Scientists are now certain that, dark energy is the driving influence behind the expansion of our universe over the last 8 billion years.
Researchers used NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer space telescope and an Australian observatory to peer 7 billion years back in time, the period of time scientists believe dark energy has been the dominant force. The data they collected confirmed earlier findings, that something is counteracting gravity. According to the findings dark energy accounts for nearly 73 percent of the mass-energy of the universe, dark matter, another barely understood piece of the universe, makes up 23 percent of the universe. Baryonic matter (stars, solar systems, and galaxies) makes up the remaining 4 percent.
The universe will likely keep expanding and expanding until each galaxy is so far apart the only object in the sky at night will be the moon.
The dark energy is also one of the predictions for the existence of Multiverse.


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