Multiverse: The Entire Cosmos

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Two hundred years have passed since the research of the Mutiverse has started. Many of us know that we are not the only ones in this universe. 

But only a few agree to the concept of multiple universes. If there can be multiple life forms why cant there be multiple universes in which they exist. Many of us find this as science fiction. But this is beyond science and science fiction.

Nobody found till now that the entire cosmos is within this universe. We can consider this universe as a part of a greater thing. To be more precise, let us see this as the Multiverse. even Albert Einstein believed that the center of the universe can lead to another.

The increase in the dark energy and the expansion of the galaxies is also a possibility for such things.

As you all have known the big bang is the start of the universe. But why cant we assume that the big bang is a instance and not a start. It may be considered as just a phenomenon that occurred  in a part of the mutiverse. 
Prof. Brian Greene stated this himself that the big bang is not just the start.

So if there are multiple universes what would it look like ?

According to many theoretical physicists the physical laws or the basic laws might differ from one universe to the other. For example if our universe is held together by the gravitational force, the other might be held by some unknown force yet to be found out.

Even though we may not live to see such discoveries, we can at least believe that our mankind in future will make such giant leaps. But for now it remains as one of the countless mysteries of nature. 


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