"Seven Planets " around a new solar system

Saturday, December 10, 2011 0 comments

After a short gap am posting this little discovery of our astronomers.
A new planetary system just like ours has just been discovered! 

Astronomers have discovered a new solar system that appears to have 

almost as many planets as our own. They found up to seven planets 

orbiting a star that is of a similar type to the Sun, including one that is likely 

to be rocky and less than 1.5 times the size of the Earth.

The star, labelled HD 10180, lies 127 light-years away from us in the 

constellation of Hydra, the water snake. Its collection of worlds was 

detected using a giant telescope operated by the European Southern 

Observatory at La Silla on a mountaintop in Chile.

A highly sensitive  “planet hunter” called HARPS was used to analyse light 

collected by the telescope’s 3.6-meter wide mirror, or “eye on the sky” over 

six years.

The positions of the planets in the new solar system also follow a similar 

pattern to that generally followed by our own Sun’s family of eight worlds, 

with each planet in order from the star being roughly twice as far as its 



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