Colonization of Moon

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It was proposed for the establishing permanent human settlements on the moon. And it has been the hot topic in the recent years especially after the indication that water might be present in the lunar poles.

With the advancement in the technology, permanent human inhabitation on the moon is dream that can be made into reality. Many space missions have been conducted for the purpose of exploring the lunar surface. This has increased after 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, made some research and brought back some sample materials.

In 2004 NASA issued a new long range plan that includes building a bas on the moon as a first step to colonize Mars as well. This plan also includes establishing a lunar outpost at one one of the moon's poles by 2024.

Mining for minerals and utilizing the solar power in the changing temperatures of the moon could prove useful for the mankind for colonizing another planetary body other than Earth.

Nasa has also announced discovery of water on the Moon. The probe landed on a crater where it has detected 100 kg of water. Nasa has also estimated that the moon's north pole consists of 600 million tons of ice.

If the colonization of moon was possible it will be an another giant leap for the mankind and the first step towards a galactic civilization.


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