Time - A true paradox

Monday, June 11, 2012 0 comments

                                                     "Time and tide wait for none"

We are in the universe where time plays the most important role. The indefinite progress of existence and the irreversible changes in the events from the past that passes through the present and moves towards the future is controlled by the time.

Time is like a river, where it flows towards the end of its path that is till the end of the universe. Time is the fundamental structure of the universe, a dimension where events occur in sequence. This is the first viewpoint of time also called the Newtonian time. And the other view point is that time is unchangeable and that only events change in sequence. 

The first view point states that, if we are in a time travel and are moving across various 'times' like the frames of a film strip. According to the second view point the time is ever present but it allows endless succession of changes to occur.

There is also a possibility that time can vary from one reality to an other where it appears to each reality as an unchangeable entity. 

Even the universe has repeated cycles such as creation, destruction and rebirth. Time decides the beginning of an entire universe and it also decides its destruction.

For now the time travel concept will give rise to a paradox. Only Time can answer about itself.


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