Expanding Space

Thursday, June 14, 2012 0 comments

If time is considered as an entity, then the other entity is always the space. The boundless dimensional extent at which any object occurs and has a relative position along with the events is the space. IT is considered to be the fundamental concept of the universe or the multiverse.

Sir Isaac Newton, viewed space as absolute where it existed permanently and independently of whether there were any matter in the space. Space will exist even if the objects do not exist in that space.

The space or the time cannot be empirically perceived, they are elements of systematic framework that we use to structure our experiences. Immanual Kant, a renowed German philosopher, referred space as a pure a prion form of intuition, that contributes to human faculties.

The relative theory of space expands to the question of the space in our universe formed during the big bang. But we surely know one thing, that the space is expanding at a rapid pace due to the cosmic inflation.


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